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Bread x Fish Fall 2020

breadwinner is a colloquial term for the primary or sole income earner in a household.

We designed our Bread Winner series after the rising number of women who serve as the breadwinner for their families.

According to NPR, “Nearly 30% of American wives in heterosexual dual-income marriages earn more than their husbands, according to 2018 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s been increasing over time: In 1987, only 18% of wives claimed breadwinner status in marriages where both partners worked. This trend upsets established gender norms, and research shows it can increase strife in relationships and even lead couples to misrepresent their incomes.”

We are currently working on a variety of designs to continue our Bread Winner series. Products that you can expect see include biker shorts, dolphin shorts, yoga pants, etc.


Product Details:

Material :  Light Lycra

Colors : Black, Yellow

Size : XS – XL

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Bread Winner Activewear

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