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Bread x Fish Clothing | Fall 20'
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kentucky state apparel

One of our most popular designs to date, the idea of the 400 E. Main hoodies is simple and straight to the point. As a graduate of Kentucky State University, I wanted to find a way to represent my alma mater in a way that I hadn’t seen before. It wouldn’t be easy to design


New additions coming soon.

Bread Winner Activewear

New Product Bread x Fish Fall 2020 A breadwinner is a colloquial term for the primary or sole income earner in a household. We designed our Bread Winner series after the rising number of women who serve as the breadwinner for their families. According to NPR, “Nearly 30% of American wives in heterosexual dual-income marriages earn more

Love & Other Drug$

New Product BreadxFish Fall 2020 Anything you do consistently, above moderation, is an addiction. According to Psychology Today, “A person with an addiction uses a substance, or engages in a behavior, for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeat the activity..” Our staple Love and Other Drug$ shirt highlights the fact that


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