One of our most popular designs to date, the idea of the 400 E. Main hoodies is simple and straight to the point. As a graduate of Kentucky State University, I wanted to find a way to represent my alma mater in a way that I hadn’t seen before. It wouldn’t be easy to design Kentucky State apparel that hadn’t been done before. It was common to see the letters “KSU” across a sweatshirt but I wanted to add my own spin on school spirit. Then it came to me…

400 E. Main St

Frankfort, KY 40601

Because of the success of the original t-shirt design, we decided to provide an option for the cold months. What was originally a one off has, for us, become a goal to provide quality custom Kentucky State apparel as much as possible.

The fabric is soft, lightweight and shines in the light. This fabric was chosen because of it’s perfect combination of color and feel. Visit the shop page to purchase yours today!

History Facts

Below are some quick history facts about KSU (via Wikipedia):

“Kentucky State University chartered in May 1886 as the State Normal School for Colored Persons. During the euphoria of Frankfort’s 1886 centennial celebration, the city donated $1,500 towards the purchase of land for a new college on a bluff overlooking Frankfort.

The new school formally opened on October 11, 1887, with three teachers, 55 students, and John H. Jackson as president. Recitation Hall (now Jackson Hall), the college’s first permanent building, erected in that year.

KSU became a land-grant college in 1890, adding the departments of home economicsagriculture and mechanics to the school’s curriculum. The school produced its first graduating class of five students in the spring of that year. This expansion continued into the 20th century in both name and program. In 1902, the name changed to Kentucky Normal and Industrial Institute for Colored Persons. The name changed again in 1926 to Kentucky State Industrial College for Colored Persons. In 1938 the school name changed to the Kentucky State College for Negroes. The term “for Negroes” dropped in 1952. Kentucky State College became a university in 1972, renamed Kentucky State University.”

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